More books back in print

Hi, I’m Storm and I’ve finally updated my websites for both pennames. It only took me 18 months…

Anyway, you can now buy reprints of five of my novels by Jules Jones which were previously published by the late lamented Loose Id. They’re available in both ebook and paperback format, and I’m even considering using Amazon’s spiffy new hardback service. My stuff at Nine Star Press is also available from both their own website and the usual third party retailers. Links below are via Universal Book Links and will take you to a large selection of booksellers.

Dolphin Dreams

Lord and Master

Taking Work Home (Lord and Master 2)


Ship to Shore (Spindrift 2)

Stormy Nights

A Collision With Reality – sorry folks, this is still the only part of In Like Flynn I’ve completed. It is every bit as annoying to me as it is to you, because it was fun writing absolute filth. 🙂 Half of the series is written; it would be nice if some of that half was in a single story, preferably the second one.