In Like Flynn 1: A Collision With Reality


Flynn’s new boss is so hot he can’t wait to get home to tell the chatroom how much he wants Dom’s cock down his throat. By Friday, he’s shared quite a few thoughts on what he’d like his boss to do to him. But he’s not as anonymous as he thinks, and Dom’s intent on disciplining him for breaching company policy on social networking. Dom gives him a choice of put up or shut up: he can play out the fantasy in real life, or he can walk out of the office without a word to HR as long as he never talks that way about Dom again. Flynn chooses “put up”—but he’s forgotten about one of the things he said he wouldn’t mind doing.


Dom didn’t seem to be around for most of the day, and Flynn was able to keep his mind firmly on work. Peter, the temp, had loosened up enough to burble cheerfully about his plans for the weekend while still working hard, and it was only when he said he was leaving that Flynn realised it was nearly five o’clock. He didn’t quite pat Peter on the head, but did say how pleased he was with the young man’s work, and watched Peter bounce off looking happy.

“Good to see you making an effort to make young Peter feel comfortable,” Dom said behind him, making him jump. “I’m sorry; I didn’t mean to startle you. Are you finished for the day, or can you stay a little longer? I’d meant to get around to a chat with you earlier, but I’ve been tied up all day.”

Flynn tried very hard not to think about Dom tied up and almost succeeded.

“I know it’s Friday and you probably want to get off home, but I’d rather do this when it’s quiet, and we won’t be disturbed.”

“No problem.” One of the things he loved about this job was flexitime. “I don’t have any plans, and I’d rather go home after rush hour.”

Dom looked around. “We seem to be the last ones here. May as well do this now, but I think we’ll go to my office, just in case.”

In case of what? Being interrupted while giving Dom Friday night stress relief?

He really was spending too much time fantasising about that if he was now thinking about doing it for real. So much as hinting at it could be more than his job was worth, at least before he had any idea whether Dom would be interested. And that was something to test in the pub after work in a few weeks, not here and now.

Dom ushered him into the manager’s office and closed the door behind them. Flynn could have sworn he heard the sound of it being locked, not just closed. Maybe he was in for that bollocking about daydreaming after all.

He was certain of it when he turned around and saw Dom’s expression.

First published by NineStar Press: 2 January 2017
ISBN: 978-1-9459-5236-4
Series: In Like Flynn 1
Cover Artist: Natasha Snow
Word Count: 7100

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